News for November

Dear Prayer Partners,
From the farm and the church in Barili we have a great view of the Mt Kanlaon, one of the active volcanoes (seen in the picture above). There are 50 volcanoes in the Philippines of which 18-20 are still active (have erupted during the last 300 years). During 1996, 7 mountain climbers were killed while climbing when Mt Kanlaon had a small volcanic eruption. The most well-known volcanoes in the Philippines are Mt Pinatubo which had a major eruption in 1993 and Mayon volcano, the most active volcano in the Philippines with more than 46 eruptions the last 400 years. Like the volcanoes there are two groups of Christians, those who are dead or asleep and those who are active. All the active volcanoes are being monitored and Satan also monitor the active Christians because he is afraid of what they can do but he don’t care much about the rest. I hope Satan is monitoring you also.

Growing slowly
The church in Barili is growing slowly. The thing that we are most excited about is that many of those who were attending the Bible Studies have now started new Bible Study groups. The students have formed pairs and now they started 4 new Bible Study groups, one adult and 3 student groups. The new Bible studies are small, between 3-5 new people, but it means that the young Christians are reproducing themselves, and that is important. Pray for the leaders of these Bible studies : Pacia, Josua and Jessy, Gikay and Fatima, Marco and Emile.

Please keep on praying for the Sunday School. Many children come for a short time and then they stop coming again. We always need to encourage them and ask them to come. Pray for our Sunday school teachers that God will give them wisdom, and joy so that can continue to teach and encourage the children. Please pray for the teachers: Luzviminda (she is the leader of the Sunday School and is also studying at a Bible school), Maria, Josua, Jessy, Alana and Fatima.

I would like to request special prayer for Rey and his wife Shirley. Rey is one of the farm workers hand he and his wife had a Bible Study in their house for long time now, but they still did not fully commit to Jesus. Pray for a breakthrough in their spiritual life.

We were greatly blessed when a Korean church blessed the Barili church buy providing the funds for a tile floor and windows. As we started to put the tiles we discovered the floor was not level at all and we needed much more cement than what we budgeted for. As a result we could only put the tiles on the floor, but still no windows.

We requested financial support for Luzviminda as she attends Bible School in our last news letter. Praise God, we did receive some support but enough only for 3 months. Please pray with us for her support.

Prayer Requests
1. Pray for the new Bible Study leaders: Pacia, Josua and Jessy, Gikay and Fatima, Marco and Emile.
2. Pray for the Sunday School Teachers: Luzviminda, Maria, Josua, Jessy, Alana and Fatima.
3. Pray for Rey and Sherley
4. Pray for our health and wisdom so that we minister well.

God Bless
Petrus and Chunghee Vercueil

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cell: +639228880793

July Update

Dear Prayer Partners,

Those who attended our worship service during the 1st anniversary of the church in Barili.

We thank God for all his goodness to us. A year ago we had the opening service of the church in Barili on the farm and we just celebrated the first anniversary of the church. Much has happened during the year, like our pastor that have died just after the church dedication. But God has been faithful to us and to His church. The Sunday school has really been growing well the last few months. We have around 40 children that has been attending our Sunday school lately. This is a big increase from around 12 students before.
There are 3 adult Bible studies and 2 Bible studies for the high school students. We would like to double the Bible studies this year. Pray that we will be able to do that.

Sunday school children with new T-shirts that they have received during 1st anniversary.

I would like to introduce one of our church members to you. Her name is Luzviminda Aguilar. We got to know her about 4 years ago when she attended the Vacation Bible School that we held on the farm every year. She became one of the sponsor students and also helped with the Sunday school every week. At first she wanted to study Restaurant and Hotel management to help support her family, but after she graduated from high school she felt that God was calling her to fulltime ministry. Because her family could not support her she started to work as our helper so that she could save money to go to Bible School. She started to attend Bible School when the schools classes opened in June. Right now she is taking over the Sunday school leading and training the other Sunday School teachers ( all high school students). But Luzviminda only saved enough money to cover her 1st semester in school and now we are looking for sponsor/s to help her to continue her studies. Her school fees cost about US$100 per month. If any one want to sponsor her please let us know.


Luzviminda now in Bible School.

Prayer Requests
1. Pray with us that the church in Barili will grow numerically and spiritually.
2. Pray with us for a new pastor for the farm.
3. Pray for Luzviminda as she attend Bible school. Pray also for her support so that she can continue to go to Bible School.
4. We still need to drill a deep well on the Farm. We would appreciate your prayers for this project. We have about half of the funds. Pray with us that we will be able to drill a deep well soon.

God bless

Petrus and Chunghee Vercueil

May 2012 update

We are getting to the end of the Philippine summer or dry season. It started to rain again and the weather is a bit better. It is also time for the schools to open for the new school year. All schools and universities will start with in the first two weeks of June. The summer has been very busy with the different camps and Vacation Bible School programs that we have had. We praise God for what He has done in the lives of the young people during the summer.
One of our concerns has been the Sunday School. The numbers have been dwindling and there were only 12 students attending with 6 teachers. So we decided to have an outreach to the different villages around the farm. The teachers formed pairs and then each pair went to a different village to have an outreach. They had a good time with the children and build good relationships with them. The next Sunday we had 40 children attending Sunday School. Praise God. Each pair of teachers now has a responsibility for a village and they need to go there early on Sunday mornings to get the children to come with them to Sunday School. The one teacher, Jessy (14 years old), has to walk almost 30 minutes to go to the village to get his students. We have had a regular attendance between 36-40 for the last 3 Sundays. Praise God. Pray that God will the teachers the grace to continue their good work.

All the new comers after the Sunday School outreach

Sunday School teachers meet to prepare the Sunday School Lesson for the following day

At present we have 3 adult Bible studies that are attended by 13 people. The one Bible study need to change to a different day since the host of the house just got a new job and she can not be there during the week, only Saturday afternoon but we already have another Bible study at that time. Pray for wisdom in how to change things We don’t have enough leaders to help us run the Bible studies yet.
We have three different meetings with the young people with about 16 people attending at this time. Some of them are growing well and will become leaders soon. One of the girls, Luzviminda, has enrolled in Bible school and she is growing well also. She is taking over much of the responsibilities in the Sunday School also. Pray with us that we will get a sponsor for her to help her with her school fees.
Luzviminda during worship service

Luzviminda interpreting for a guest speaker during the worship service.

As we start the new school year we are also looking for new students to be part of our sponsorship program. Most of those who were part of the program dropped out because of opposition from the parents. For some the problem was the distance since they are walking to church, some were walking more than 3 km to come to church. Pray that we can find a happy solution to this problem.

Prayer Requests
1. Pray for the Sunday School teachers that Gods grace and strength will be upon them so that they can continue their good work with joy.
2. Pray for the financial support for Luzviminda as she plan to go to Bible School.
3. Pray for more new students to join the sponsorship program. Pray for the old students to return back to the sponsorship program
4. We plan to have our first church anniversary on July 8, 2012. Pray that God will help us to have a good anniversary.

Thank you for all your prayers and support, we really need it.
God bless
Petrus and Chunghee Vercueil

March Update

Dear Prayer Partners

We are entering the very hot also called dry season in the Philippines which will last till end of May or beginning June when the rainy season start again. This heat really drains you so that you don’t have much energy for other things. At 7 in the morning one is already soaking wet of the sweat. This is the school vacation time so traffic is a bit lighter and the student s are also more free. Most of the Churches also plan their camps and Vacation Bible schools during this time of the year.

Student Ministry.
We have been working with the high school students on a Bible study program that was provided by a ministry called Project Philip. Project Philip will then provide Bibles at a very low cost to the ones who finished the whole course. Most of our students finished the course in December of 2012 but there were no Bibles. The new stocks of Bibles only arrived in March and we were very happy to distribute the Bibles to the students.

New group of students with Bibles and certificates.

Several of our students have dropped out of the sponsoring program. The main reason is pressure from the parents who are afraid that their children will change their religion and that it will cause disharmony in the family. Please pray for more favor with the parents of these students.

We just finished our Vacation Bible School program with the elementary students. We had a team from Youth for Christ in Baguio that came to run the VBS. Although it was the smallest number of students we had in a long time (only 22 elementary students) we were glad that they came. We were also thankful that several of the young people came to help with the VBS and they provided great assistance to the other teachers.

VBS 2012

Some of the VBS attendees

Small ones singing

In the afternoon we held a leadership training program for the young people. The attendance reached 20 but only 9 young people received the completion certificate for attending faithfully for 3 days.

Funny pose with all LTS attendees

Some men During Purity dedication

We are planning a youth camp for April 26 -28. It will be c combined youth camp from 3 different churches. We hope to have around 45-50 young people attending the camp. Please pray for Gods anointing on the speakers so that they will speak through the power of the Holy Spirit. Please pray that all the young people will attend. PLEASE PRAY FOR WATER!! During the last VBS we were 11 staff staying at the farm and run out of water on the first day. The water that the city was supposed to supply to us did not reach us. Not just us, the whole community around us did not have water. We had some rain water that we have stored in big tanks, that we could use sparingly. But the rain water has to last the summer for the animals. The co-operative said they will install a new pump to pump the water to us. Pray that it will happen soon and that it will work. Pray for us that we can have a deep well also.

We have been looking for a new pastor for the church since the death of our pastor last year. Several pastors have been invited to come and speak but most of them were not interested because the area is too rural. There are two pastors who are interested to come and help pastor the church now. Please pray with us that we will have the wisdom to know which one is the right pastor for our church.

Prayer Requests
1. Pray for the youth camp that will be held from April 26-28. Pray for a special anointing on the speakers.
2. Pray for wisdom as we need to choose a new pastor to help us with the church.
3. Pray for the water supply during the camp as well as for a deep well to supply us with water.


We have been planning to have a youth camp with the students that our church at the Canaan farm is sponsoring, but we had to postpone it several times. We initially planned to have it before Christmas while a short term mission team was here to help us. But the mission team had to cancel their visit and so we postponed the camp to the week after Christmas. But we had very heavy rains in the southern parts of the Philippines which was unusual for this time of the year. All the rain made it hard to reach the farm and host a camp for the young people. So we had to postpone the camp again.

Small group meeting

Small group meeting

Since school began, it was a bit difficult to find another schedule for the camp. But the government declared January 23 (Chinese New Year) a national holiday and a long weekend (Jan 21-23) and so we had an opportunity to have the camp. It was the first time ever that Chinese New Year was declared a holiday. This provided a great opportunity for us to hold the camp. It was a bit rushed and not all the students could attend it, though we still had 40 people on Saturday and Sunday that were attending the camp during the day. Most of the young people made a decision to commit their lives to Christ on Saturday after one of the main sessions.

Prayer in small group

Prayer in small group

Now for the most important part of the camp, followup and discipleship. Pray that God will give us the wisdom how to disciple them now and that they will really open their heart to God and abbey His Word.

Youth camp attendees with speakers and leaders in front.

Thank you for your concern and your prayers. We did not experience any damage due to the earthquake. The earthquake was on the neighboring island just accross from our ministry place. you can see the place where there was a big land slide that was caused by the earthquake from our farm house.
Many people from the coast went up the mountains near the farm in fear of a tsunami. Many are still staying there because we had many quite strong after shocks
It was a rather scary experience.

Thank you for your prayers,

Petrus and Chunghee Vercueil.